A crochet swatch of the Waistcoat Stitch in the round is shown over a wood background. Text at the top says "Waistcoat stitch tutorial"

Waistcoat Stitch Tutorial – Easy Modern Crochet Stitch

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The Waistcoat Stitch is one of my absolute favorite crochet stitches. It looks so much like knit, but it’s all crochet! This Waistcoat Stitch Tutorial will show you that it’s much easier than it looks. It’s really just a Single Crochet stitch, but you place your hook in a different spot to make the stitch. Other names for the Waistcoat stitch are the Center Post Stitch (because of where you place your hook) and the Knit Stitch (because it really does look like knitwork!)

Scroll down for the full Waistcoat Stitch tutorial, including the written pattern and photos.

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The image is of a swatch of the Waistcoat Crochet Stitch made with a blue acrylic yarn. The top of the image says "Waistcoat Stitch Crochet Tutorial"

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When to use the Waistcoat Stitch

There is one downside to this stitch – it’s best worked in the round. While you can work this stitch in rows, the final look doesn’t quite give you that knit look that the waistcoat stitch in the round does. It is still a great stitch to use when you need a flat fabric, but it has more of that knit-like look when crocheted in the round.

(That said, I do get away with working the waistcoat stitch in rows with a simple trick in this mug rug pattern – check out the Dotted Hearts Mug Rug/Coaster pattern here!)

Because it is usually worked in the round, and because this stitch makes a tight fabric, some great things to make with the Waistcoat stitch are crochet baskets, cup cozys, and hats.

Skills to Know

You really only need to know the very basics of crochet: how to chain, slip stitch, and single crochet! If you need to brush up on these skills or are a beginner crocheter, click here for a beginner’s tutorial.

Abbreviations (U.S. Terminology):

Ch = Chain

St = Stitch

Sl St = Slip Stitch

Yo = Yarn Over

SC = Single Crochet (insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop, Yo and pull through both loops on hook)

Wc = Waistcoat Stitch (Yo, insert hook into center of post of next stitch, pull up a loop, Yo and pull through both loops on hook). This is essentially a Single Crochet, but you place your hook into the center of the V of the stitch below instead of the top of the stitch. See photo below – the pink needle shows where you would insert your hook.

Pattern Notes

The pattern is worked in continuous rounds (a spiral), so instead of chaining to move up to the next round, you would crochet directly into the first stitch of the previous round.

The pattern is written to practice Wc in the round

Waistcoat Stitch Crochet Pattern

Foundation: Chain any number.

Round 1: Slip Stitch into first chain made. Chain 1. (Do not turn work). SC into next chain and each chain to end of round. (See photos 1 and 2 below).

Round 2: (Do not slip stitch or chain 1) Working directly into the first Single Crochet from Round 1, Wc (Waistcoat). Place a stitch marker in the top of this stitch to keep track of rounds, then Wc in each Single crochet of the first round to end of Round. (See photos 3 and 4 below – the pink needle shows where to place your hook)

Round 3 – x: Continue crocheting in a spiral: Wc in first stitch of round (with the stitchmarker) and each stitch to end of round. Move or add stitch marker to first stitch of each round. Slip stitch to close final round. (See photos 5 & 6)

Photo Tutorial

Above: (1) Chain any number and slip stitch to first chain. (2) Single Crochet in same chain, then SC in each chain remaining.
Above: Where to place your hook to make a Waistcoat Stitch (Wc) after the first round of Single Crochets.
Above: Where to place your hook to make a Waistcoat Stitch.
Above: Final steps of making a Waistcoat stitch (after placing your hook in the center of the V, pull up a loop, then yarn over and pull through both loops on hook)

Congrats on learning a new stitch! Looking for more modern crochet stitch tutorials?

Happy Stitching! – Ashley

A series of 4 photos of a crochet tutorial of the Waistcoat Stitch are on the bottom of the image. The top of the image is a close up of a swatch of the Waistcoat stitch in blue yarn. The middle has text that says "waistcoat stitch crochet tutorial"