A crochet swatch of the moss stitch or linen stitch in gray bulky yarn is sitting on a wood background. Text at the top says "moss stitch free tutorial"

Moss Stitch Crochet Tutorial (easy crochet stitch)

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The Moss stitch, also known as the linen stitch and woven stitch, has a beautiful yet simple look to it. It mimics the knit moss stitch, but only in appearance. It’s a versatile stitch that can be used in so many different types of patterns, and it’s so easy to learn! Scroll down for the full moss stitch crochet tutorial, including the pattern, written instructions spelled out, and a photo tutorial at the end.

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Text at the top says "moss stitch (aka linen stitch) crochet tutorial. The bottom is an image of a close up of a moss stitch crochet swatch in bulky gray yarn.

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When to use the Moss stitch

The moss stitch is easy, gorgeous, and versatile! It can also have beautiful drape to it, which makes it a great stitch to use for garments and blankets. If you find that your work is too stiff, simply go up a hook size or two. The moss stitch will give your garments a knit-like look (which I personally love!)

It’s also the perfect stitch for modern home decor! Dish towels, rugs, placemats, etc.

I wouldn’t necessarily use this stitch for amigurimi due to small holes created in the pattern.

Skills to Know

The moss stitch is perfect for beginners who have already tried rows of single crochet and want to go a step further. This stitch is a combination of Single Crochets and chains. If you have never picked up a crochet hook, click here for a beginner’s tutorial.


Grab a skein of yarn and the yarn’s recommended hook size to try this stitch!

I’m using Lion Brand’s Hue + Me yarn in this tutorial in the color Haze. I’m obsessed with all of the colors of this yarn line! It’s a Weight 5 wool and acrylic blend. (I used this yarn for the Hailey Headband!)

The Hue + Me yarn label recommends a size 6.5 mm hook – I’m using a 7.0mm hook for this tutorial, but a 6.5 would work as well. I highly recommend grabbing a set of ergonomic hooks if you don’t have one already. Being able to easily go up or down a hook size to fit your project will change your crochet game! You can find my favorite affordable ergonomic hook set here.

Abbreviations (U.S. Terminology):

Ch = Chain

Sk = Skip

St = Stitch

Yo = Yarn Over

Sc = Single Crochet (Insert hook into next stitch and pull up a loop, Yo and pull through both loops on hook.)

Pattern Notes

The moss stitch is worked in rows and is a 1 row repeat.

Turning chain does not count as a stitch.

This pattern is alternating Single Crochets and chains. As you move up a row, you would single crochet in the chain space below, and chain over the single crochets below.

See instructions written out and photo tutorial below pattern.

Moss Stitch Crochet Pattern

Foundation: Chain an odd number (even number of stitches, plus 1 for the turning chain).

Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook, Ch1 Sk1, *Sc in next chain, Ch1 Sk1, repeat from * until last chain. Sc in last chain.

Row 2: Chain 1 and turn work. Sc in first st, *ch1 sk1, Sc in next chain space, repeat from * until last st. Sc in last st.

Repeat Row 2 to end of project.

Moss Stitch Crochet Tutorial – Written & Photo Tutorial

Above: Chain odd number (Photo 1). Single crochet in second chain from the hook (Photos 2-4).
Above: Chain 1 (Photo 5). Skip the next chain and single crochet into the following chain (Photo 6). Repeat this step (Chain 1, skip a chain and single crochet into the following chain) until you have one chain remaining (Photo 7). Single crochet into the last chain – notice that you will have to single crochets next to each other at the end of the row. (Photo 8)
Above: Chain 1 and turn work (Photo 9). Single Crochet into first stitch (Photo 10). Chain 1 and skip next stitch. Single crochet into the large chain space from the row below (Photos 11 and 12).
Above: Repeat stitch pattern until one stitch remains (Chain 1 and skip stitch below, single crochet into the chain space below, repeat) (Photo 13). Single crochet into the last stitch (the single crochet below). Notice you will have two single crochets next to each other at the end of the row. (Photos 14 and 15). Chain 1 and turn (Photo 16). Repeat this last row until end of project.

Congrats on learning a new stitch!

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Happy Stitching! – Ashley

a swatch of the crochet Moss stitch is at the top, in bulky gray yarn. Four images showing steps to make the moss stitch are at the bottom. In the middle text says "moss/linen stitch crochet stitch tutorial"